Keep your hands and beard free of germs by using our new Elegance Beard Touch Aid!

Nowadays, specialy during the COVID19 pandemic, it can be quite scary touching objects not knowing who has touched them before you. Well, with our new Touch Aid, you can put those worries aside!

With the contactless key, you can push buttons (i.e. in elevators, ATMs), touch screen surfaces and open doors risk-free of contracting any harmful bacteria or viruses that could be lingering for days.

Clean hands mean a clean beard, so let’s keep it that way! Next time you decide to open a door, make sure you use our Elegance Beard Touch Aid.

The Elegance Beard Touch Aid comes with a complimentary ReturnMe service! This means that if you lose your keys and someone finds them, the amazing team at ReturnMe helps you retrieve them using their Global Recovery Service. No other product even comes close to their exceptional service!


  • Small hole on the grip hook to attach a keyring
  • 100% contactless opening of most doors and handles, pushing buttons and touching screens
  • Keeps you safe from contaminants that linger on inanimate objects for days

Open doors, press buttons and handle your beard germs-free with the new Elegance Beard Touch Aid!

Order yours online today!

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