Apple is always ahead of its time, trying to launch new emojis that can reflect the everyday life of every human around the world. People loved this breakthrough way of thinking, so the experts didn’t stop there.

In 2014 new emojis came with African-American icons and in 2016 people already used many of the female professional icons as well as some single-parent homes. Apple is always trying to find a new approach to address the everyday life of all people that own an iPhone or any other iOS device.

New Emojis 2017

Now Apple announced the very new collection of emojis that was soon released. This collection includes a hijab woman that wears headscarf, a T-Rex, a zombie, a man with beard and many more. The team unveiled more than 12 animated symbols for all of their users.

Apple stated that this is a new effort in order for ‘’more people to be able to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals, and creatures’’.

A Hijab Woman Speaking

Unicode approved the hijab woman emoji, which is a non-profit consortium after the campaign of a Saudi teen that was living in Germany at the moment.

Rayouf Alhumedhi, this 15-year-old hijab woman stated that there is no image that could possibly use in order to represent her. She made a successful online campaign with the note that there are other women who wear headscarf, Christian, and Jewish as well.

She also stated that headscarf is proudly worn by many Islam women who believe that this is part of their religion.

Online Comments

Many people rushed to negatively comment on the hijab woman and man with beard emojis. One Twitter user also said that this is a sign of ‘creeping Sharia’ law. Emojis were nevertheless launched, and hopefully, people will see the bright side of them.

There were many other users that supported Apple’s decision and stated that they will be using these emojis in the future for sure.

Additional Images

This collection also includes a woman breastfeeding and a man meditating in a classic lotus pose. Among these emojis, Apple chose to launch some lighter images such as a dinosaur, a zebra, an elf, a zombie, a genie, a coconut and a sandwich

The Role of Unicode

Unicode is responsible for all emojis that are being set from companies such as Apple. This is the ultimate test that all images have to go through in order to be available for computer programming.

Unicode recently announced that the next version of images will include more than 60 new emojis.

Most Online Users

People from United States, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, and UK are the biggest emoji users on Facebook around the world! More than 5 billion emojis are used on a daily basis on Facebook and Messenger.

These emojis, as well as any other emoji that Apple is going to launch, will be available for all smartphones, watches, and laptops at all times.

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