Husna Vacations’ Sunnah Beard Contest!! 

In December 2019 and 2021, we had the honour of sponsoring the Sunnah Beard Contest organized by Husna Vacations in the Bahamas and in Riviera Maya in Mexico! 

What is Husna Vacations?

Founded in 2011 by brothers Asif and Hasan, Husna is a leader in Halal family vacations. Beach & Beyond is their most popular annual trip to a beautiful resort. This all-inclusive resort vacation is a truly unique experience in the west! 

Imagine spending your vacation in one of the most beautiful places on earth surrounded by a spiritual ambiance and savouring high quality Halal food cooked by renowned chefs! 

The pictures below don’t lie!

Who Wants to Compete for the Best Beard on The Island? 

Resorts are filled with contests; however, most of them are not permissible in Islam (i.e. alcohol contests). That is why Husna Vacations had the great idea of launching a beard contest on the beach and we had the honour of sponsoring it! 

In 2019 and 2021, talented comedian Baba Ali and artist Boona Mohamed were amongst the judges! 

Boonaa Mohammed and Baba Ali


Several characteristics were considered like the length of the beard or its hair colour. 

Eight bearded bros went on stage to participate in the contest. After deliberating with the public, Baba Ali and Boonaa Mohammed chose first, second and third place winners. 

The winner, brother Muhammad Imran Ali, was the one with the best beard in the resort and received our full Elegance Beard kit which includes our oil, balm, comb and innovative Vegan beard brush

The second (brother Hassan) and third (brother Faisal) place prizes also left home with some of our products to take care of those elegant beards. 

Below are the 2021 contest pictures hosted in Riviera Maya (Mexico)!
Baba Ali and Boonaa Mohammed hosting the 2021 Sunnah Beard Contest!

Congratulation Bearded Broz!

Stay tuned for another beard contest!!

We would like to thank Husna Vacations for organizing this contest, as well as brother Boonaa Mohammed, Baba Ali and all the bearded broz who participated in this contest!

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