Men who believe only women have to deal with split ends have obviously never grown a long beard, because as the beard grows longer and thicker, it becomes mucheasier to spot unruly split ends popping up all over the face.

If you’re beard isn’t short and frizzy, you are bound to combat this problem, and this horridly nasty nuisance can ruin the charm of your splendid beard. But why do these split occur in the first place, and oh dear lord, how can we stop them?

Here, take a look:

1.  An Unhealthy Diet

Keratin, an essential protein, is responsible for growing, nourishing and strengthening your hair, and if your hair, which means the hair on your entire body, tend to become dry, brittle and weak, along with your nails, it is a sign that your body isn’t getting a sufficient supply of protein.

You can fix this little problem by giving your daily diet a powerful protein boost to replenish your hair and enhance its texture, volume and health. There are plenty of delicious sources that can enrich you with heaps of protein, such as seafood, eggs, poultry, quinoa, yogurt, lentils, milk and edamame.

You should also add more biotin, a complex Vitamin B, which can work wonders at increasing your hair growth. Sunflower seeds, eggs, legumes, whole grains and nuts are the richest sources of biotin.

2.  Wrong Shampoo!

The shampoo you use on your hair hasn’t been designed to nurture or even wash your facial hair. You see, beard hair tend to have a different chemical profile because they grow atop your facial skin, which is a great deal different as opposed to the skin on your scalp. Scalp hair shampoos deprive your beard and the skin beneath it of all its natural moisture and sebum.

Don’t worry, even if you’ve been doing this for long, it’s never too late to fix things up. All you need is a mild and soft beard shampoo, which you can follow up with a nurturing routine involving beard oils and beard balm.

3.  Too Much Dyeing

Having a couple odd grey hairs sprout up in your beard is the worst gift genetics could ever throw our way, but dyeing these hairs to regain the glory of your beard also has a downfall. You see, when the hair cuticles come in contact with hair dyes, they are forced to open up and allow the color to enter the shaft. It causes the cuticles to lose their strength and become brittle. Dyes contain harsh chemicals, such as peroxide and ammonia, which cause excessive split ends by drying out the hair.

If you don’t want to stop dying those awful gray strands, just put in some extra work to make sure you don’t compromise the health of your beard. Start a regular shampooing, conditioning and exfoliating regime, and follow it up with fragrant beard oils, containing natural essential oils, to bring back the moisture and nutrients that your hair has lost.

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