Growing a beard is very much the final achievement on your way to manhood. But the fact is that not all beards are created equal. No need to worry if you find yourself on the splotchier end of the facial hair spectrum. The good point of the facial hair growth is that it can get better with time for most young guys, but it won’t work with the older ones. There is no magic dose for incredibly filling in the gaps and growing a full-fledged beard overnight.

It is the fact that we all made mistakes in beard grooming whether you are new to the beard or have had one for years. Having a beard represents you as a man and is a direct reflection of your style and personality. Both admirers and growers have their preference in shape, length, style etc. So, after learning from the mistakes researchers give these guidelines to follow so you can avoid making mistakes.

The Neckline

This is with no shame the most common error that is committed by beards men all over the world. The neckline has the most impact on how full your beard grows ins. A good way to find out where your neckline should be shaved in is that where your head and neck are connecting with each other. By growing your beard longer the hairs under the jawline will make a big difference in adding fullness to your beard. If your neckline is presently shaved in too high, then no need to shave the entire beard to start over! You just need to let your hairs grow and it will naturally blend together.

Trimmed Too Much

All men’s knows that how much time it takes to grow a beard. Well, it takes a lot of patience to grow a beard for a man. You need to keep that patience when trimming, to avoid these costly mistakes. Moreover, I will suggest you to stay away from scissors and clippers, there is no need for the scissors, it will make things worse for you. Making this mistake of scissor will naturally upset you. So, try to trim in a way that it looks less dramatic and leave it alone. And no need to worry, it will grow soon enough. You just need to adjust it accordingly and let it do its natural thing, and that is growing. I repeat, it is important to show the patience while trimming. Because good look doesn’t happen overnight.

Brush It

If your facial hair tends to be disorderly, then there will be a need for brushing it using a comb or brush to control the direction of your growth. It doesn’t mean to sit in front of the mirror and give 100+ strokes to your beard before going to bed. Just work enough to get things better. Try to avoid using shampoo often and remember to use conditioner. Last thing that you should keep in mind that hair on your face as important as the hair on your head. So, you need to treat it the same.

  • July 21, 2017
  • Elegance Beard
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