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Late looks into have demonstrated that 95 for every penny of UV beams from the sun are hindered by beard. Other than keeping the sun out of your face, this is likewise imperative as presentation to UV beams can bring about disease. The thicker the hair, the better!

Here's your mystery to actually diminish indications of maturing. With lesser sun presentation, you can really keep on looking more youthful – not at all like the folks who don't go for facial hair. Catch 22 of sorts – beard make you look more seasoned, all things considered keep you looking more youthful!

  • Horn comb

Not at all like plastic brushes, does the horn comb not trap electric charges. The air around you in contact with your hair produces friction based electricity throughout the day. Combing your hair with a horn comb adjusts the hair's electrical charge. Some film studios utilize horn comb in light of the fact that the outcome is flawless. A few people find that this property even expels push.


  • Hair

Like a lot of young men today, and like my father before me, I have a beard. My beard is full and awesome, and it has really become a part of my identity over the last decade. A few years ago, I had an unfortunate shaving accident that left me without a proper beard for a couple of weeks, and my whole world changed - my dog treated me like a stranger, my friends and co-workers joked that I’d been replaced with a giant 12-year-old, and my wife threw away my razor to make sure I didn’t have any more shaving accidents in the future. My beard is an important part of who I am.

  • Benefits of horn comb for beard

Grasp the horn brush and you will see it's overwhelming and strong, which is a sentiment quality! Be that as it may, this is not the motivation behind why it's a higher cost. Above all else, horn brush won't bring about friction based electricity since it is not conductive. Horn brush won't hurt your scalp, but instead the direct hardness of the horn brush will rub the scalp to animate the scalp's vessels. This makes them thicker, builds blood course, and gives the mind instrument greater sustenance and oxygen. This will be an extraordinary help for boosting hair development and anticipating male pattern baldness, neurasthenia, and cerebral pains. Now, horn brush is likewise a perfect scalp massager.

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In term of the pieces of horn brush and human hair, they have the same long chain protein. Horn brushes are rich in characteristic amino acids and keratin. Brushing hair with a horn brush will keep the keratin adjust on hair strands, making the hair luxurious and sparkling?

Try not to utilize the plastic brushes once more. Those modest evaluated and simple to purchase plastic brushes will convey you only damage to your hair and scalp.

Our combs respect nature

Horn is a natural, renewable and fully biodegradable material. The residues from the manufacturing processes are used to make buttons or are crushed into powder and used as natural fertilizer by farmers and local gardeners.

Grinding is natural, using a mixture of pumice and water. Combs are polished mechanically with a cloth. The manufacturing process does not use any solvent.

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