Abdul Sallam, better known by his stage name Tone Trump, is a Philadelphia-born Muslim rapper. He is an award winning music artist, author, community leader and CEO of Top Notch Inc. He is also known for having starred in the Oscar nominated movie Creed in 2015, directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Sylvester Stallone. 


1. How long have you had your beard?

  Good question,not sure since I could grow one I’ve let it grow,I’m Muslim & as a part of my faith it’s the sunnah to keep the beard & trim the mustache Masha’Allah.

  2. What was your motivation to grow a beard? Was it a matter of appearance? Religious belief? A combination of both? Or any other reason?

My faith first,I love the look & as a man I feel it’s the only way.
3.  Do you recall encountering obstacles to grow your beard?
The early stage is rough,but it’s been a organic & smooth process for me mashallah. 
4. How did your friends, relatives and coworkers react to your new look?  
They love it,my family,most friends & many in my city are Muslim the beard is a fade to many but a way of life in Islam & the city of Philly ..
5. Have you ever faced any negativity, discrimination or odd comments in regards to your beard? 
I’m sure I have but the love outweighs it so I don’t care lol


6. Do you have a funny or positive anecdote in relation to your beard?  
I’ll just say this,Real women love real beards .. big Facts ... 


7. How do you care for your beard? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? Do you go to a barbershop? If so, how often? Are you loyal to one barbershop or do you try different places?


My routine I’ll keep private for now,but my barber is celebrity barber Chink Da Barber he cuts my hair & keeps my beard on point & Im super loyal to him,he cuts me at my home but he co owns a dope shop in Philly Tonsure Grooming studio... 


8. How important is fashion in your life? Do you style and shop for yourself? Where do you usually buy your clothes and why? What was the last fashion item you purchased? 


Fashion means a lot to me,Look at me I stay wavy ... My favorite store to shop in is Image on South,in Philly s/o 2 the owner my Ahki Ali & work with a lot of dope Indy brands as a brand ambassador & I design myself,I love fashion its a big part of being a artist. 



9. What is your advice to those who would like to grow their beards? Do you have any beard tips or tricks?


Keep it clean & healthy & don’t grow it for a season grow it for a reason .. this ain’t no fade for us... 
10. Have you ever encountered anyone who thinks beards are dirty and thus needs to be shaved "clean"? What would be your answer to them? 


They don’t deserve my energy are answer.


11. Is there anything else you would like to share with our bearded audience? 


Free Kill Keem ... follow me on Ig/Twitter @tonetrump my website is www.247trump.com ... Thank you for the interview much success ALLAHU Akbar!


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  • February 14, 2018
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