Can you tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Syed Rahman. I am an artist and business owner (CEO of Modern Wall Art).

How long have you had your beard

3 years.

What was your motivation to grow a beard? Was it a matter of appearance? Religious belief? A combination of both? Or any other reason? 

Religious belief.

Do you recall encountering obstacles to grow your beard? 

Itching and not being able to comb it right.

How did your friends, relatives and coworkers react to your new look?   

Everyone loved it.

Have you ever faced any negativity, discrimination or odd comments in regards to your beard? 

Not yet.

Do you have a funny or positive anecdote in relation to your beard? 

I would say positive.

How do you care for your beard? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? Do you go to a barbershop? If so, how often? Are you loyal to one barbershop or do you try different places? 

I use Elegance Beard products. I blow dry everyday and shampoo every few days. I had a dedicated barber but he is 1hr drive so I recently switched.

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How important is fashion in your life? Do you style and shop for yourself? Where do you usually buy your clothes and why? What was the last fashion item you purchased? 

I think I am fashion conscious. I don't shop at a particular shop but I am looking for good stuff. Last good item I got myself was a jacket from Prada. For jeans I love skinny jeans from diesel.. I do wear ripped jeans but not too ripped. I follow men's fashion and stay updated. 

What is your advice to those who would like to grow their beards? Do you have any beard tips or tricks? 

Do it if you can keep it clean and well maintained. When you have a bad hair day, you can wear a hat. There is no option for bad beard day. So keep it fresh.

Have you ever encountered anyone who thinks beards are dirty and thus needs to be shaved "clean"? What would be your answer to them? 

I don't, I get random compliments on my beard so I have yet to meet someone who can talk smack lol. But again.. I keep my beard on point 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our bearded audience? 

Best advice is length does not matter. Medium looks best but keep it clean so you don't look homeless.

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