Islah Abdur-Rahman (born 20 April 1991) is a Bangladeshi-born British film director, actor and screenwriter. He is best known for writing, directing and starring in the hit series the Corner Shop Show and for creating and directing the web series Mandem on the WallSource

Can you tell our readers about yourself

The name's Bond. James Bond. I wish! Islah is my name, acting & filmmaking is my game! I've been in the media & film industry for 8 years now, I'm most known for my self produced series the "Corner Shop Show"

How long have you had your beard?

Arrr man, it took me years to have some hair on my chinny chin chin! It grew like fluff as I was growing up. I feel like the definition of beard is lost in translation, but if you want to call my beard a beard then I've had full hair on my cheeks and jaw for a few months now! Before that it was just a chin strap & occasionally beard growing down Muslim style!

What was your motivation to grow a beard? Was it a matter of appearance? Religious belief? A combination of both? Or any other reason?

It wasn't religious, as I'm aware in Islam there's certain rules around it. I literally just grew it curious to see how it'd look. Now if I was to shave it I'd look 10 years younger!

Do you recall encountering obstacles to grow your beard? 

Patchiness was a thing on my cheeks, would grow a bit fluffy. But eventually after constant shaving it grew back thicker.

How did your friends, relatives and coworkers react to your new look?

Nothing really to react to to be honest, beards are a trend now.

Have you ever faced any negativity, discrimination or odd comments in regards to your beard?

I've never had trouble with it unless there's trouble in the Media about Muslims. Then I'd get the odd racist stare on the tube here & there.

Do you have a funny or positive anecdote in relation to your beard?

Shaving it off for a role I played in a film, and asked to be ID'd for a movie in the cinema!

How do you care for your beard? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? Do you go to a barbershop? If so, how often? Are you loyal to one barbershop or do you try different places?

I have a loyal barbershop I've been going to for 15 years, I trust nobody else but him with my beard! I probably go every 2/3 weeks unless I feel lazy & just give it a clean up before a film shoot or an event I'm hosting.

How important is fashion in your life? Do you style and shop for yourself? Where do you usually buy your clothes and why? What was the last fashion item you purchased?

It is and it isn't important. It's hard to explain but fashion & styling is important when I'm hosting an event knowing 1000's are watching so I don't look like a tramp. Or when it is relevant for filming a scene.

What is your advice to those who would like to grow their beards? Do you have any beard tips or tricks?

Get yourself a grooming kit and the right beard trimmers!

Have you ever encountered anyone who thinks beards are dirty and thus needs to be shaved "clean"? What would be your answer to them?

Never. Beards are a trend now. People just have preference as to how long the beards should be.


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