Faheem Alexander is one of the most famous barbers on the East Coast. Alexander owns and manages Faheem’s Hands of Precision Barbershop in Philadelphia since 1999. Faheem got interviewed by NBC and was the personal barber for the famous rap group The Roots. He was on set with them when they were invited to perform on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and on “The Tonight Show”

 Can you tell our readers about yourself?

My name is Faheem Alexander, born in 1978 and I’m a professional barber based in South Philadelphia. I have my own barbershop called Faheem’s Hands of Precision.

 How long have you had your beard? 

I have been growing my beard for years now.

What was your motivation to grow a beard?

I’m growing my beard because I’m Muslim. As a Muslim man, having a beard is a very important physical aspect. Here, in the East Coast, we call it the Sunnah Beard.


Faheem with Questlove of The Roots


Do you recall encountering any obstacles when growing your beard?

No! I never met obstacles since I started growing my beard! Maybe it’s because I’m naturally Wolf lol 

How did your friends, relatives and coworkers react to your new look?  

They really like how my beard is! I think they would all be sad and disappointed if I would shave it lol

Have you ever faced any negativity, discrimination or odd comments in regards to your beard? 

Yes, unfortunately as many Muslims I faced bad looks several times. People judge us as terrorists only because of our beard. And that’s really sad!



How do you care for your beard? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? 

Yes of course! I take care of my beard everyday by grooming if myself. As a professional barbershop, I’m able to take care of my beard and no one is allowed to touch it lol

Is there anything else you would like to share with our bearded audience? 

Keep growing your beard!!!

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