Growing the facial hair or beard is both a matter of style and gender requirement. It is a common noticed attitude among the growing boys that they keep waiting for the facial growth. There is not a single day when they would not check themselves in the mirror. With the passage of time as the beard is fully-grown and the same desperate people turn into professional people, the beard becomes a questionable addition to their personality. Either because of the cultural taboos or the self-created prejudices, the people with beard are criticized in their workplaces. This unnecessary criticism results in discouraging the bearded men.

If you wear a beard and face similar words of condemnation that result in discouragement, then remember the following facts about your beard. As you ponder upon these facts, you will be able to overcome the ordeals and build your confidence instead.

  1. Stop thinking about the negative remarks or the people who look down upon you. Think about people who actually had a beard. Think about the great men like Abraham Lincoln or the celebrities who were appreciated with beards more than the roles they played without a beard.
  2. Confidence comes when you consider yourself different and unique from the people around you. Instead of falling into the ditch of embarrassment and self-pity, it is important to look at yourself in the mirror and praise for what you are and how you look. The first compliment leading you to confidence will always come from your inner self.

  1. Start getting closer to those who wear the beard in your workplace. Talk about the facial hair growth. Capture your moments together and share with others. Cherish the positive comments you get. Plan small events among yourself. These collective steps can help you understand the worth of being YOU.
  2. Beard adds an authoritarian impression. Exploit this appearance. Do not merely think that you look like one, but actually act the same way. In a workplace where most of the teammates lack beard you automatically stand out among them. You look different. Consider this difference not as your weakness but as your uniqueness and this as an aftermath would accentuate your confidence forcing you to move around with head held high.

A man loses confidence when he thinks more about the people around and not his personal choices. It is necessary to remember that you cannot make everyone happy. This thought is critical. Whatever you do, do for yourself. It is a beard or no beard the decision should come from your side. Whether you have a bushy beard or a stylish, french cut or a thin line like hair growth along your jawline, if it is your choice do not underestimate it. Develop the habit of moving around head held high. If any remark falls into your ears, just shrug your shoulders and move away. Respect your choice, and the world will respect you.  Do not consider beard as your weakness, instead think of it as the sign of masculine power and pride.

  • August 11, 2017
  • Elegance Beard
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